Jan Beekman

Stars and Earth

“The Birth of the Universe, Stars and Elements"

“… The stars of the night sky have astonished humanity dating back to the earliest civilizations, even dictating religious beliefs, societal norms and architecture. These heavenly bodies have also inspired philosophers, provided direction to weary travelers navigating long journeys and deposited the very fabric of our existence.”
Michael Kuhne, AccuWeather.com Staff Writer

This natural course of perpetual rebirth, once started by those heavenly bodies, also inspired many artists. Jan Beekman is one of those contemporary artists, living and working within the natural harmony of the natural phenomena.

a request to all of us not to be self destructive.

Living by the pace of nature Jan Beekman meticulous observes the rhythm of life , season by season, to discover the slow emerging beauty of its offsprings. Jan Beekman observes also men, disruptive to the natural habitacle, and conclude that nature has to undergo itself as a fear enemy. The impersonalisation of the disruptor is an honor given to ‘Human Mankind’. We never think about nature as being an intrusive element, of course not. Although, nature is in counterpart a fear enemy to the human being concealed in itself.

The oeuvre of Jan Beekman captures very well this ‘precarious balance‘ between an insane cohabitation of the living things. Brought to the viewer in any dimension we can handle, together with a message of hoop in ‘Humanity’ and a request to all of us not to be self destructive.

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