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Jan Beekman Connecticut Period 1997-2007

Jan Beekman Connecticut Period 1997-2007


Nineteenth century European writers much as Alexis de Tocqueville and Charles Dickens visited America and wrote eloquently of its rawness, power, and potential for growth. They were among the first to understand what was so special about America – why did it capture the European imagination – what were the roots of this power – what was its future?

A studyof the arts in A merica show that they are marked by three basic chareracteristics; a freedom to challenge old rules, a strong reference to nature in the use of color, and an all-encompassing feeling of vast, unencumbered space. One can sense these imperatives in the powerful 19th century landscapes of Albert Bierstadt or the sublime color-space abstraction of the 20th century masters like Mark Rothko. We can also see these characteristics in the artwork of Jan Beekman, who in the past 35 years has been significantly effected by his experience of the American scene.


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