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Jan Beekman Global Warning

The Exhibition: “Painting a Global Warning”

“Painting a Global Warning” is a prominent feature of the commemorative program organized by the South African embassy. This exhibition not only honors the founder of the Beekman Foundation, Jan Beekman, but also showcases the breadth and depth of his artistic journey, which spans nearly seven decades. The exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of Beekman’s diverse body of work, highlighting his contributions to contemporary art and his enduring influence on the artistic community.

A central theme of the exhibition is Beekman’s commitment to raising awareness about global issues through his art. By intertwining his passion for nature with poignant social commentary, Beekman’s works serve as a powerful call to action, urging viewers to recognize and address the pressing environmental and humanitarian challenges of our time.

One of the most significant pieces in Beekman’s oeuvre is the portrait of Nelson Mandela, titled “Mandela Liberated.” This iconic artwork, which is permanently housed at the United Nations headquarters in New York, symbolizes freedom, resilience, and the enduring spirit of one of history’s greatest leaders. Due to its invaluable cultural and historical significance, the original portrait cannot be moved from its place of honor at the UN.

To ensure that this masterpiece could still be appreciated by audiences in Belgium, the Beekman Foundation has produced a limited edition of silkscreen copies. The first of these copies was ceremoniously presented to the South African Ambassador to Belgium during the opening of the “Painting a Global Warning” exhibition. This gesture not only underscores the deep connection between Beekman’s work and South Africa’s struggle for liberation but also reinforces the exhibition’s overarching message of global solidarity and the importance of preserving our shared heritage.

The exhibition serves as a poignant tribute to Jan Beekman’s legacy, celebrating his artistic achievements while also highlighting his unwavering dedication to social and environmental causes. Through this comprehensive display of his work, visitors are invited to reflect on the power of art as a medium for change and the enduring impact of Beekman’s visionary contributions to the world of contemporary art.

denounces the denial of science

The Beekman Foundation not only manages Jan Beekman’s gigantic oeuvre, but also offers a platform for artists and scientists whose inspiration is strongly based on the same artistic, ecological and social concerns. In addition to the world-famous portrait of Nelson Mandela painted by the Belgian-born American artist Jan Beekman, which hangs in the headquarters of the United Nations (NY), the Beekman Foundation now brings a recent and never-before-seen series of paintings.

jan beekman Global Warning“Global Warning” brings for the first time some of the works from a recent series on which Beekman has been intensely focussed for the past six months and in which he denounces the denial of science, global warming and the undermining of democracy.

The exhibition Global Warning runs until 5 December – Extended.

The show opened its doors on 18 July, the day of the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.


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