Jan Beekman Chicago : Blooming Series

… Despite the abstract character and the pictorial material of the painting, the attentive observer of the work only perceives the essential dimensions of the work. We are confronted with imaginary aerial photographs where we can see meandering rivers, crusts and barks which remind us of rocks and forest and so much more.
The dense textures formed by the coloured strokes of the paintbrush create a complex structure which has a relief effect on the canvas. This reveals Jan Beekman’s concern for the tactile value and beauty of the material as wel as the structural richness of the colours.

The surface is in relief. It appears to be vegetalized and mineralized. His love of nature is always present. His artwork reflects that he is also aware of the ecological catastrophes which nature is subject to and in particular he is impressed by the way nature has registered the traces of the past and environmental changes.
This probably explains why he is attracted to primitive forms in the sense of unspoilt nature. Not only the landscape but also the culture and the art of the Indians of the South West fascinated Jan BeekmanThe American landscape is an important source of inspiration and serve as a link between his European origin and his fascination with America.

Jan Beekman in Chicago

Through impressive textures and presented in surprising and unique structures which surpass the traditional dimensions of the canvas, this vision becomes clear.  This is also the case in his sculptures, stellas and graphic work of the artist Jan Beekman. His geometrical orientation of the sixties and seventies with definite minimalist characteristics can still be found in his contemporary work and especially in the special form of the actual works which have a certain sculptural effect to the earlier shaped canvas of Minimal Art.

Willy Van Den Bussche
Chief Curator
Museum of Modern Art, Ostend.

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